Authority Overlay: A magnitude Trick to Bargain Authority from Widespread Sites


Product Features & Benefits

  • Facility for visit trends over time
  • Top visited links are also available
  • Most popular referrers presents
  • Principal capture adaptations
  • Visitor browsers facility available
  • Bookmark and Chrome extension for super easy use (drag and drop to make someone‚Äôs overlays)
  • 10,000 clicks with change tracking per month
  • Create infinite links
  • 16 gorgeous pre-made templates in 4 categories.


  • One time pricing vs. $30/month for this launch
  • Overlays each single top web site
  • Drive circulation and capture leads from the top sites
  • Take benefit of any content: news, entertaining, sports, shopping, blogs and more
  • Customized light-box or lead capture templates when and where someone choose.
  • Save time on working to get leads
  • Many different overlay options
  • Built by a leader in the SEO space.
  • Writing high-value content.
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