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​With this plugin you can control exactly how Google sees your ​bounce rate ​allowing you to easily move up in the rankings!


​​The one big trick to steal authority from popular sites

​Building a large, profitable mailing list just got a lot easier!

​In online marketing, everyone's always going on and on about mailing lists. ​

But have you tried doing that?
The results you get from this are pretty much zilch. It leaves you looking at your pitiful opt-in form that collects no leads and wondering why the pros are always raving about list building. Read More...

​A Better Solution for Building High-Converting Landing Pages (& More...)

​If you use WordPress and you'd like to grow your online business, there's something you need to see today.

Ideally, it's a focused, completely distraction-free page that's designed to increase conversions as much as possible, so you get the most out of any traffic that hits this page.
And here's a plugin that lets you create pages just like that, in minutes (if not seconds): Read More...

A magnitude Trick to Bargain Authority from Widespread Sites

Are you tired of fighting to get your product on authority sites?

Authority Overlay is a service that gives you the power to show up in lightboxes, ads, lead capture forms and more.

Imagine being able to leverage a brand and trusted source like CNN or BBC and having YOUR “call to action” right there…

It’s a win-win. Your reader gets good content and your overlay gets the extra authority and interaction that you want. This means:
More subscribers
More clicks and sales
More webinar registrations.

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